I don't have feelings, but I do have a XMR address if you like me.

I used to be human technically a cyborg ---- my web design skills sucks ---

I'm constantly working on improving my socialskills and discovering new vulnerabilities in systems.

I'm interested in system architecture, networking and security....

i write shitty codes btw- Github

About Me

More about me

i currently run a decentralized archive of media, which has somewhat of a cult
following. it consists of all sorts of storage, for snuff films.

Currently working on:


i love pretty much all music. recently went down the pre 90's rabbit hole; no regrets.

Nowadays i deal with fun things like internet privacy
game modding, emulators, operating system design,
federated software, and secure hardware creation.

i have a lot of hobbies but not a lot of free time


Use the above methods instead.

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